HEAD PORTER for Apple Watch

Jun. 28, 2016

The Apple Watch has won acclaim as the next generation of smart watch and increasing publicity from their collaborations with leading global fashion brands. As part of the Apple "Made for Apple Watch" program, Head Porter had been asked to design straps for the Apple Watch and are happy to announce the release of four different styles.

HEAD PORTER will be releasing two types of luxurious leather strap. Firstly, the CROCO series, manufactured with crocodile print, and, secondly, the OTUN series, manufactured with premium camouflage print. Both items are manufactured using smooth leather and have been designed to ensure the Apple Watch sensor is in continual contact with your wrist.

Mirroring the minimal design sensibility of the Apple Watch, HEAD PORTER have also selected two styles from their signagture series: TANKER NAVY and BLACK BEAUTY. The black matte design of BLACK BEAUTY straps are manufactured with high density nylon and unified with black holes and buckles, to create a strap perfect for both casual and business use. The TANKER NAVY straps, from the TANKER NAVY series inspired by the MA-1 jackets, are manufactured in a deep navy with silver parts and orange accents. The lightweight and casual nylon material used is combined with high quality leather to create a premium design sensibility.

Each of the four type of Apple Watch strap are offered in two separate sizes (38mm and 42mm) to be chosen according to your mood and style. The HEAD PORTER for Apple Watch straps are manufactured in the highest quality and made in Japan and using the latest technology and are available in HEAD PORTER stores.

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